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British Airways is a carrier flag of United Kingdom. It is one of the largest airlines in the UK based on the fleet size and second largest behind an easy jet when measured by passengers carried. British Airline associate with Iberia to make their airline international and it is named as International Airline Group. British Airline now providing the special provision of the group travelling where you can seat with your groups ahead of check-in when you book your vacation with British Airways via Group Travel Hub.


If you are frustrating from day to day work then you must have to spend some time with your friend and getting relax by enjoying with them. When you plan your vacations with your friends then you spend most of the time with them and can have fun seamlessly. There are many benefits of group travelling, if you travel with your friends then you may have many choices of activities. You can try the variety of food when you are in a group, also you can play games which helps to make to relax and calm, Also have a fun in party and clubbing if your group is interested in the party. There are a variety of people in your group so you have any topic to discuss with friends. Also, when you travel in a group you are able to get a big discount on airfares and can share other expenses for managing the travelling budget.


How to Book Seats for Your Group Seating?

If the passenger has to choose their seats for a group then they can request seating block between seven and four days prior to departure. Once you will receive your block you can assign passenger as per the allocation. If they do not receive any request between seven to four days prior to departure then the passenger will be seated in alphabetical order. Group seating is usually arranged at the middle section of towards the rear of the aircraft.

Seats are assigned as per the PNR (Passenger Name Record). It would be difficult to rearrange seats. So please keep in mind when you request a quote for change to individual passenger or group within your booking.


Deviation in Existing Booking

If the Passenger has any deviation in their booking then their PNR entries will be split into separate PNR entries and also you will lose to travel all group together on the overall booking. For example, if the two passengers wanted to change their return date then their PNR will be split separately and assigned a different block of seats to them as per PNR, and they are likely to away from the main group. They also have a provision to assign their group block using an online seat mapping system. Group seating is only assigned to British Airways sectors within a booking.


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