Surprise Your Dad With The Special Gift- Father’s Day Holiday Travel Ideas

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Fathers Day Holidays Ideas

I remember the time my dad taught me how to ride a bicycle. I was a little kid too scared to ride without training wheels or even pedal the whole round. But he was patient and reassured me that he wouldn’t leave me until I learned to balance on my own. Much like this, my dad has always looked out for me and pointed me in the right direction patiently. Without his guidance, it would’ve been difficult to be where I am today. For this, I am forever thankful to him and everything else he has always done for me. Not that he ever asks for it but, for me any opportunity to thank dad is welcome.

Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to thank dads everywhere for loving and protecting their children. All fathers deserve special appreciation on their day. My dad works too hard and enjoys especially relaxing activities to unwind on his days off. So this Father’s Day Holiday I am going to gift him a special holiday where he can just sit back and relax, away from all the work stress.

Picking a Father’s Day gift can be quite tricky, the usual ties, tools or fishing poles don’t really feel heartfelt. And our fathers deserve much better than that, don’t they? Though it may not be a commonly thought of as a gift, a travel gift is an incredible option. After all who doesn’t love to travel? So this Father’s Day gift your dad a trip to a lovely destination of his choice. There can be nothing more fun than a vacation with your father!

When Is Father’s Day 2020?

Each year the Father’s Day holiday falls in June. Father’s Day 2020 will be celebrated on June 21st. Make your father proud by taking him on a fabulous Father’s Day vacation he would like, this year. Book your flights to the most amazing travel destinations for Father’s Day holiday.

As June is a quite popular month for travelling, so you might find it difficult to get tickets to your chosen destination during this time. It is always better to book your cheap airlines tickets a few months in advance to get the best prices on your flight tickets. Get cheap flight tickets to international destinations with the best Father’s Day offers on TravelGuzs.

Best Travel Ideas For Father’s Day Holiday

Father’s Day is right around the corner and a perfect opportunity to surprise your Dad who travel. TravelGuzs has got some thrilling Father’s Day Holiday Ideas for daddy’s of all wish list. Whether your dad loves epic adventure, wanted to embark on a foodie vacation or wish to enjoy a  glass of wine at exotic beach destinations, our ideas will help them decide where they wanted to go.

For The Foodie Father

We all know that dads love to enjoy the food cooked by moms! If they are not helping – “interrupting” the cooking they are definitely going to help in eating. Foodie dads are the best, not only do they love trying out new food they want you to be a part of it too. Thus, you get to try plenty of different types of dishes – some may turn out to be a disaster but mostly they are great. Why not take your foodie dad to the best culinary trip for this year’s Father’s Day holiday? You don’t need me to tell you how much he will love it!

India is undoubtedly a great destination for food-lovers. Being a multi-cultural hub India has a huge variety of mouth-watering ethnic food. There are new delicious dishes to try in every new region you visit. Whether it is the famous kulchas, jalebis and lassi in of Amritsar, Punjab or the golgappe, dahi bhalle, and papdi chaat in the capital city of India, New Delhi. The delicious biryani is synonymous to Hyderabad, while vada pav is the best Mumbai has to offer. As you can see there is no shortage of yummy food throughout India, so grab your tickets and take your dad on this delightful ride.

For The Dad Who Just Wants To Chill

Dads are always working so much so that their family can have the best of everything. Dads are the backbone of every family, they will handle every last thing that comes their way without a complaint. They too need a break from the daily rut to have some time to themselves. Take your dad on a relaxing trip where he will not have to do a single thing. Plan everything down to the little details just the way your dad would like it.

I think the most peaceful place, where one can descend into the state of relaxation without even realizing is Asia. Now though that covers a very wide area, there are plenty of wellness and yoga retreats in Asia for this purpose. When it comes to taking a relaxing vacation there really isn’t any place better than Bali. Meditating and relaxing in the midst of the serene surroundings of Bali. You will find many meditation centres even in the increasing energy and chaos of Bangkok, where the teachings of Buddhism play a great part in the daily life. Another great place for a de-stressing Father’s Day holiday is Thailand, as most of the spiritual teachings are rooted in the Thai culture.

For The Adventure Loving Dad

If your father is someone who doesn’t stop, he is energetic and fun-loving then this trip is for him. Take him on an adventure where the thrills of the holiday won’t stop. He will have the time of his life. Sometimes the best way to unwind is to go out all the way. Whether it is an adventure on the ground or adventure in the sea, plan it the way your dad would love. This Father’s Day holiday take your dad on a truly adrenaline-pumping trip.

When you think of Africa, what’s the first thing that comes to your head? Vast stretches of forests and deserts, wildlife safaris and endless adventures under the clear blue sky, right? That’s what I thought. There are countless National Parks in Africa where you can go in jungle safari’s to check out the elephants, zebras, lions, etc. Learn abseiling at Table Mountain, take a gyrocopter flight along the coast or go sandboarding in Cape Town, South Africa. Check out the Victoria Falls and go whitewater rafting in the Zambezi River in Zambia. You can even zip line over the Victoria Falls gorge, now if that doesn’t get ones blood rushing, what will?

For The Dad Who Loves His Wine

Is your dad a wine connoisseur? You can definitely do better than gifting him that usual bottle of store-bought wine. This Father’s Day instead of getting your dad the bottle of wine, take your dad to the wine itself! Get him to taste all those exquisite blends he is always talking about. Take him to whichever wine he likes the best. Visit the vineyard where he will have an opportunity to actually see the wine-making process and have a luxurious stay amidst the beautiful fields of grapes.

Take him to the wine countries in Europe, trust me there’s plenty. You might guess from its name that Bordeaux is a city famous for its wine. Bordeaux grows both white and red wine, it is situated almost 590 km away from Paris, the capital of France. Some of the most famous and expensive wines are produced in Bordeaux. The world-famous city of Florence is the capital of Tuscany, which has long been a producer of world revered Tuscan wine. Whether it is the modern super-Tuscans or the traditional style wine based on the splendid Sangiovese grape. France and Italy and literally a paradise for wine-lovers. A Father’s Day holiday here is one that your father will never forget.

Father’s Day is an occasion for celebrating fathers; make sure yours gets the best too. These are a few trips to gift your father this Father’s Day that he will most definitely enjoy. Whether he loves food or wine, adventures or leisure; there’s a travel holiday for it all. Surprise your dad with an amazing trip to any of his favourite destinations this Father’s Day Holiday. Are you ready to take your dad on the best Father’s Day trip ever? What do you think are the best spots for the same? Do let me know.

Due to global crisis, you might have concerns about travel plans. Feel free to give us a buzz. Check out our Flexi travel policies to surprise your dad a wonderful Holiday