Lufthansa Launches Allegris: Complete overhaul of travel experience for all cabins

Lufthansa Allegris

Lufthansa recently launched their eagerly awaited Allegris Business Class product, ushering in a new era of premium air travel for this revered German carrier. This innovative offering promises passengers a memorable travel experience at 30.000 feet while revolutionising comfort and luxury at 30 thousand feet.

Inaugural Flight and Introductory Phase

On May 1, 2024, the Airbus A350-900 equipped with Allegris cabin made its inaugural flight between Munich and Vancouver, Canada. Over several months of its initial phase (LH476/477/478/489), passengers can experience Economy Class, Premium Economy Class and Business Class for flights between these cities; additional routes will be added by late summer 2024.

The Allegris Experience

Allegris introduces a revamped three- and four-cabin interior to Lufthansa’s fleet, promising improved comfort and sophistication for passengers onboard these aircraft. New Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 aircraft will be delivered to the airline with this cutting-edge cabin design, while retrofits are planned for existing fleet. The cabin redesign encompasses Economy, Premium Economy, and Business Class, with select aircraft featuring First-Class cabins as well.

Expansion of Routes

The rollout of Allegris Business Class will gradually extend to various routes.. Key routes include:

– Munich–Vancouver–Munich: May to July 2024
– Munich–Toronto–Munich: May to July 2024
– Munich–Chicago–Munich: July 2024
– Munich–Montreal–Munich: July 2024
– Munich–Shanghai–Munich: August 2024
– Munich–San Francisco–Munich: August 2024

Airbus A350s not yet fitted with Allegris will also be deployed on these routes to give customers an excellent Lufthansa experience throughout their journey.

Lufthansa continues its commitment to luxurious air travel by unveiling Allegris Business Class. This milestone marks an advancement in aviation that promises travelers an extraordinary journey from takeoff to landing.

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