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Cruises offer great value for your dollar because the fares cover almost everything you need for a fantastic journey. In cruises, you will get fabulous facilities including food, accommodation, day and night entertainment and transport between destinations. TravelGuzs offers the best and biggest sale for new year celebration. You can see various destinations and beautiful dream spots. Cruises travelling to your destinations is very safe. Cruise journey is safe for all children, grandchildren or old people of all ages. The cruise provides offers for your new year and a new experience.


In 2019, we offer the best cruise promotion. This offer is exclusive from TravelGuzs where you can save up to $ 400 onboard spendings. This is the richest offer we have ever fully-funded. We open it with a ” presale” early on. Why do we call it a pre-sale? It simply means that we open up the promotion earlier than originally planned, allowing you to plan, promote and publicize this exclusive offer more time. World Travel Holdings will finance up to $ 400 OBC for preferred ocean and river cruise reservations on the basis of the grid. The promotional offer is sold to consumers with the headline ” Early Planners Get the Best Deals– Take advantage of our Presale and SAVE!” as onboard credit. For cruise lines that do not accept OBCs or are too close to sailing, a refund of the eligible credit on board will be made after departure. The reservation date shall be from 2nd January to 10th January 2019. Reservations must be made AND entered into MyCruise Control during this period of booking. This offer is eligible for cruises from 2nd February 2019 to 31st December 2019.


There are a few important points we share before you get details about the promotion:


  • As the values have increased, please check the onboard credit grid below.
  • At a later date, we will have a special land promotion so that land is not included in the pre-sale.
  • This offer can be combined with all domestic/broad cruise offerings. Make sure to add the most value to our offer on the cruise line!
  • This offer can not be combined with other WTH- funded offers( e.g. loyalty perks).
  • NO EXCEPTIONS may be made before 2nd January 2019, for reservations made.


Cruise Cost

Onboard Credit Amount

$1,500 – $2,999


$3,000 – $3,999


$4,000 – $4,999


$5,000 – $5,999


$6,000 – $6,999


$7,000 – $7,999




The special term and condition are if the cruise rates reduce the onboard credit amount based on the new total cost before the final payment.


The total cost of the cruise including taxes, fees, NCF ‘s, cruise line air, cruise line pre/post packages, cruise line insurance or leisure care insurance is calculated using the onboard credit amount.


This deal has expired!!

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