Kuwait Airways launches longest Airbus A330 800 route with Washington flights

Kuwait Airways will expand their reach by flying direct flights from Kuwait City to Washington Dulles for the first time despite not belonging to Star Alliance. On December 9th they will inaugurate an Airbus A330neo route with over 9400 km and deviate from their usual preference of shorter flights by offering it on its new long range aircraft; United Airlines operated this route between 2006-2016 for US government business travel purposes only.

Kuwait Airways announced on March 12 that they have made Washington Dulles their second US destination following their move of New York JFK Airport onto A330neo aircraft by March 2023.

The A330neo will fly this route three times every week and feature 32 Business Class seats and 203 Economy seats, although due to a lack of crew rest areas some business class seats could remain unfilled, thus decreasing overall capacity.

Flight Details: This route covers an impressive distance, covering 6,575 miles (10.581 km). Here is its schedule in local time: It should also be noted that, due to Kuwait’s extreme summers and payload restrictions imposed for departures at 08:00 from Kuwait City could negatively impact economic performance of this route.

Flight KU115 runs between Kuwait and Dulles with departure at 08.00 and arrival time of 13h55 – total duration 13hrs55min.

Flight KU116 from Dulles International Airport to Kuwait departing 16:30 and arriving 13:00 respectively is now operating on schedule.

Kuwait Is Home To The Largest Untapped Market:

Booking data reveals that Kuwait-Dulles saw over 35,000 point-to-point roundtrip passengers travel round trip in 2019, representing its largest untapped market in North America.

JFK’s Timing Is Similar

Kuwait Airways currently offers daily nonstop flights between Dulles and JFK on Saturday mornings with departure times at 9:05 (Departing Dulles at 8:00, returning 13.00 in December) which allow passengers to access similar destinations through Kuwait including Bangladesh, India and Pakistan as key connections.

Longest A330-800 routes worldwide:

Kuwait Airways, Uganda Airlines and Air Greenland are some of the airlines which utilize this aircraft. As of mid-August here are the A330800neo routes with longest distance between December-February:

  • Kuwait Airways to Washington Dulles – 6,5775 Miles (10,581km). 13 Hours and 55 Minutes per journey. Three weekly departures available.
  • Kuwait Airways operates daily flights between Kuwait and New York JFK covering an approximate distance of 6,352km (10,223) over 13 hours 20 minutes.
  • Kuwait Airways flies nonstop between Kuwait and Bangkok covering 3,531km (568 miles). Four weekly flights operate.
  • Kuwait Airways provides weekly service between Kuwait and Casablanca covering 5,248 kilometers (3,261.5) in 7 hours 35 minutes.
  • Kangerlussuaq to Copenhagen with Air Greenland takes approximately 4,664 kilometers over four hours 40 minutes; up to six flights may operate per week but usually four.

Flight frequencies and durations may change without warning.

The A330-800neo is an exceptional aircraft, boasting unique capabilities that defy perceptions about its range and purpose. As such, its presence makes long-haul routes alluring due to limited usage.

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