Qatar Airways Expands Its Reach in China!

Qatar Airways will play an essential role as China reopens to tourists. Here are the latest updates:

Chengdu and Chongqing Flights Resuming

Qatar Airways resumes flights to Chengdu & Chongqing starting September 23rd-25th. Chengdu is popularly known for its bustling food street vendors and historic cityscape, making for an enjoyable exploration. Chongqing serves as China’s largest inland city and industrial center of aluminum, iron and steel production and thus presents plenty of business and leisure opportunities.

Six Destinations in China

Qatar Airways Expands Network in China To date, Qatar Airways’ network in China includes six vibrant cities for traveler enjoyment: Guangzhou has joined Beijing and Shanghai on this expanding journey; Hong Kong (HKG) remains at the heart of this development project.

Reliable Travel Options

Reliable Travel Partner Qatar Airways is your go-to choice in Greater China when it comes to convenient and worry-free travel experiences – be it business or pleasure trips; whether your adventure takes you through China’s diverse culture and landscapes or simply around your own backyard!

Qatar Airways also recently increased the daily flight frequency to 3 times a day between Doha and New York (JFK).

Qatar Airways is continuously working to enhance your travel experience. Stay tuned for updates!

Qatar Airways is your travel partner to realize all your dreams of travel adventure!

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