Emirates Offers Rebooking Options for Travelers Affected by Recent Disruptions

Emirates Airlines has released a temporary rebooking policy for travelers impacted by recent disruptions affecting flights to and from several destinations.

The policy applies to passengers flying to or from Cairo (CAI), Tehran (IKA), Basra (BSR), Baghdad (BGW), Amman (AMM), and Beirut (BEY) on tickets purchased on or before April 14, 2024, with travel dates between April 14 and 20, 2024.

Travelers with impacted flights can find details on rebooking options and any necessary adjustments on the Emirates website.

Dubai-based Emirates Airlines is back to its regular flight schedule after airspace restrictions in Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq were lifted. The airline had to cancel and reroute some flights on Sunday due to the temporary airspace closures.

For the most recent updates on Emirates services and products, travelers can visit the Emirates website.

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