Coronavirus Precautionary Measures Taken By Airlines to entice anxious passengers back

Coronavirus Precautionary Measure

Major airlines resumed their scheduled services to the selected cities with an additional coronavirus precautionary measure. They are trying to fill at least some seats to fly in the sky. Airlines in the U.S. has largely ground to a halt as people have grown worried about potential coronavirus exposure. Many airlines have mostly resorted to empty flights. 

By putting the health and safety at the forefront, airlines have given special hygiene training to the airline staffs. With Coronavirus precautionary measure, some airlines distributing safety kit to every passenger. These practices will help the traveler fly with peace of mind.

Steps Taken by Airlines To Ensure The Passengers Safety

In the midst of an unprecedented crisis, safety has always been a top priority for every carrier. All carriers have been closely working with authorities and federal agencies for Disease Control and prevention.

In the wake of coronavirus, a number of airlines have been stepping up precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Check out the below airlines on how they are practising the temporary additional hygiene practices for passengers safety.

Emirates Airlines

Dubai based carrier, Emirates has taken extra steps for passengers safety refining hygiene standard onboard and on the ground. These measures took into place with the resumption of scheduled flights to 9 destinations. They are distributing complimentary hygiene kits to every passenger upon check-in at Dubai international airport and on the flights to Dubai. These kits include masks, gloves, antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer. Upon arrival at the airport, all passengers and employees are monitored by thermal scanners in different areas. Physical distance markers were installed on the ground and in waiting areas to help travelers maintain the distance required for check-in, immigration, boarding and transfer areas.

United Airlines

United Airline has introduced new cleaning and safety procedures to prevent from Covid-19. They are including sneeze guards at check-in desks and touch lesser closets at select luggage check-in locations. For onboard safety, they bring out a new snack bags with sanitizing wipes and individually wrapped hand sanitizer for passengers. They would also restrict advance seat choices or give passengers the option to take alternate flights when flights are complete.

Qatar Airlines

Qatar Airways has revealed some temporary additional safety measures to ensure the continued well-being of their passengers and staff. They are implementing a PPE kit for cabin crew safety as well as modified services to maintain the social distancing protocol in flight.  The crew will wear PPE kit over their uniform along with the gloves, goggles and mask to deliver even greater reassurance to passengers. For additional precaution, Business Class meal will be served on a tray a cutlery wrap will be offered to passengers.

Etihad Airways

UAE-based Etihad has trained the crew in taking additional precautions. The team has well-trained on what to do to isolate passengers. The team will ensure that the passenger will wear masks and not everyone is exposed to the isolated person. The team also follows strict guidelines for lowering their risk of exposure on layovers in other countries. The aircraft is fitted with Hepa filters to sterilize the place and provide the cleanest and safest air possible.

KLM Airlines

To ensure the coronavirus precautionary measure, KLM’s aircraft is additionally cleaned using suitable cleaning agents. The air onboard is rapidly refreshed along highly efficient filters to filter the air of potentially harmful particles. For extra onboard hygiene, hand sanitizer is available at every step, and a toilet is kept exclusively free for the crew. This provides them with unrestricted access to a place where they can take care of themselves and wash hands. In addition, KLM’s aircraft are washed using sufficient cleaning chemicals.

As a consolidator, we will help get flexible travel option in the wake of coronavirus. To enable you to travel with confidence, we will keep you updated about the changes in your scheduled services and policies. During this uncertain time, all the airlines has adapted Coronavirus precautionary measures which will help the traveler to fly with confidence