US removes the Covid-19 testing requirement for International Passengers

A new Rule introduced by the USA administration would exempt travelers from Covid-19 testing in order to fly to the USA. The Rule came into effect on Sunday, June 12.

By making this decision, the administration eliminated one of the few remaining travel restrictions that had been in place throughout the Covid-19 outbreak to stop the disease’s spread.

It was concluded based on evidence from the existing research and statistics, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that anyone traveling to the US by plane from overseas will no longer need to test negative a day before their departure.

After lifting restrictions on nonessential travel from dozens of nations, including much of Europe, China, Brazil, South Africa, India, and Iran, the Biden Administration enacted this regulation. The rule’s original iteration required fully vaccinated passengers to produce proof of a negative test within three days of travel, whereas unvaccinated tourists had to show proof within one day. However, as the omicron strain spread, the government strengthened the rule in November 2021, forcing all passengers, regardless of vaccination status, to test within a day of arrival in the United States.

The travel and tourism sector has historically supported one out of every 20 jobs in the United States, generating $1.9 trillion in economic activity in 2019, according to a data sheet released by the Commerce Department.

The CDC will continue to suggest testing before flying and will work with airlines to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Several airlines voiced their concern with the testing criteria, triggering the decision.

According to research conducted by the US Travel Association, eliminating the test requirement is expected to bring an additional 5.4 million visitors to the US this year, resulting in a 12 percent increase in travel spending. 

Several other countries have already lifted their testing requirements for fully vaccinated and boosted travelers in an effort to boost tourism.

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