Emirates is Providing Free Global Cover to Passengers for COVID-19 Health Expenses and Quarantine Costs

Free Global Cover For COVID-19 For Emirates Passengers

In the wake of coronavirus, Dubai based carrier Emirates is the first airline providing free global cover for passenger’s COVID-19 health expenses including quarantine costs.

With the spike in coronavirus cases, passengers are getting worried about their health and trying to avoid unnecessary travel. To give the passengers some peace of mind during their journey, Emirates has taken an additional step to get the anxious passengers back. Emirates has become the first air carrier who has decided to take the responsibility of all passengers.

Emirates has worked hard to implement measures to mitigate the risk of infection at every step of the customer’s journey, and they have revised their reservation policies to offer more freedom to the passengers.

With this flexible free global cover, passengers from Emirates will be able to claim medical expenses of up to €150,000 and quarantine costs of up to €100 per day for 14 days if they are diagnosed with COVID-19 coronavirus while away from home.

Emirates Passengers Can Travel With Peace of Mind

Now, Emirates customers can experience travel with peace of mind, as Emirates will cover medical expenses up to EUR 150,000 and quarantine costs up to EUR 100 per day for 14 days if they are diagnosed with COVID-19 while away from home. The airline offers this cover at no charge to its customers.

When you book your flights on emirates.com or with one of your trusted travel agents like TravelGuzs, you will be applicable for the free global cover* and the associated costs of COVID-19. This cover is valid for 30 days from the moment you take your first flight, even if you are traveling to another city. There are no registration forms to complete before travel. If you are diagnosed during travels, you will just need to call on free hotline number +971 4 2708825 or send them a WhatsApp message on +971 56 3589937 to get free cover support.

Benefits of Free Global Coverage

  • Compensation for the medical expenses and quarantine costs associated with COVID-19 is provided by Emirates free of charge to its customers regardless of travel class or destination.
  • This cover is valid immediately for all passengers who travel on Emirates before 31 October 2020 (first flight to be completed on or before 31 October 2020).
  • It is effective for 31 days, from the moment they fly their journey’s first field.
  • Emirates customers will continue to benefit from this cover’s added security, even if they fly to another city after reaching their destination with Emirates.
  • When flying, customers do not need to register or fill in any form and do not have to use this coverage offered by Emirates
  • Any customer diagnosed with COVID-19 during their travel must simply contact a dedicated hotline for assistance and coverage
  • The free cover will apply to every travel class.

Emirates Flexi Travel Policy

With the gradual reopening of borders, Emirates has updated its booking policies to give customers more flexibility and confidence to schedule their travels. Customers whose travel plans were disrupted due to COVID-19 can simply hold on to their 24-month valid ticket and rebook to fly at a later date or request refunds via an online form on the Emirates website or through their travel booking agent.