Emirates & Etihad Passengers Must Have a Negative COVID-19 PCR Certificate Before They Fly

Emirates & Etihad Airlines Mandates PCR Test For Passnegers Before Flying

With the evolving situation of COVID-19 in mind, airlines have announced its plan to mandate every passenger to carry a negative PCR test certificate before they fly from August 01, 2020. There has been another step added in the rules taken by airlines traveling to/from the United Arab Emirates.

Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airlines have taken this step to prevent the passengers from infection during their journey. The passengers flying from the international airport of Abu Dhabi to other destinations will need a negative COVID-19 certificate from August 1. The certificate has to be dated within 96 hours of travel. The major airlines that are affected are UAE airlines, Etihad and Emirates.

Mandatory COVID-19 PCR Test To Travel From the UAE

As a result of Covid-19, all passengers traveling with Emirates to and from Dubai are required to bring a negative COVID-19 PCR certificate provided by a laboratory approved by the local government for acceptance on the flight. For the latest local testing details and accredited laboratories, you can contact our travel agency on 1-866-723-9393 or check the website of the state or local health department.

Previously, passengers coming from Coronavirus hot zones needed a COVID-19 test certificate before they travel. With the current developing situation, all the passengers traveling from the UAE to European countries or the United Kingdom, they will require a mandatory negative COVID-19 PCR test before they fly. Plus, passengers should always review current travel regulations for their final destination before they travel at travelguzs.com.

Both airlines have licensed COVID-19 test providers and will not allow you to fly even if you test negative, if you get a check from an unauthorized check provider.

Emirates Travel Policy To Traveling To/From Dubai After 01, 2020

Effective from August 01, 2020, all the passengers traveling from Dubai to anywhere in the world will need to carry negative PCR test conducted before 96 hours of departure and need to present it at check-in

We also recommend our valuable customers to check out the local travel regulations of the final destination before they travel. The final destination may require printed COVID-19 PCR test before they depart.

Traveling To/From Dubai?

  • Since August 01, 2020, all passengers arriving from any destination in Dubai, including passengers connecting in Dubai, must have a negative COVID-19 check certificate to be admitted on the flight. The check must be carried out no later than 96 hours before departure. This includes children under 12 years of age and travelers with mild or serious disabilities
  • If the government of the UAE has specified a designated laboratory in the country of origin of the passenger then the certificate must be obtained from that laboratory only. If not stated, please use an approved laboratory in your departure country
  • The passengers will be asked to take another COVID-19 PCR upon arrival. When passengers take an airport exam they have to stay in their hotel or residence before they collect the test report. If the test result is positive, the client will be expected to separate himself and follow the guidelines of the Dubai Health Authority
  • All passengers arriving at Dubai Airport must need to complete health and declaration form including passengers with connecting flights
  • Depending on the nationality of the passengers they can obtain a visa upon arrival, or passengers can apply for a visit from Dubai Immigration before traveling
  • The passengers will be asked to complete the onboard Quarantine Undertaking Form if Dubai is your final destination. They will hand over this form to Dubai Heath Authority Staff on arrival

Emirates Introduces Free Global Cover for COVID-19

Etihad Airways

The same advice is given on the Etihad website. The Etihad website also states that travelers would need a current negative COVID-19 check to fly if they want to leave Abu Dhabi and head towards the UK or any EU country. Etihad is referring the potential travelers to Pure Health, a UAE based Pathology Company.

COVID-19 PCR Test Policy

Passengers are only allowed to fly if they have a negative COVID-19 PCR test. If Pure Health medical facilities are licensed in their country of departure, their test results must be submitted by a medical facility certified by Pure Health-test, results from other clinics will not be recognized. Guests are expected to travel within 96 hours of taking the exam.

The passenger can check out the list of locally licensed medical clinics at etihad.com/destination guide and conduct their COVID-19 PCR test if there are no licensed Pure Health facilities in their city or country of departure. The passengers must fly within 96 hours of their test and must show their test results at check-in.

To arrange a hassle-free test, airlines are working with some trusted clinics to arrange a test at the UAE. The passengers should visit Mediclinic.ae to book their test at any of the Mediclinic facilities or request for home testing. The passengers can collect their test results within 24 hours, and the service is open to all passengers flying from Abu Dhabi, including those traveling to Abu Dhabi airport from another emirate.