Halloween Vacations- Best Places to go for Halloween Celebration

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Halloween vacations 2020

Have you packed your bags for Halloween Vacations? 2020 travel plans has been affected badly by uncertain pandemic but now the countries are opening their borders and tourist who has halted their plans are ready to explore the world again. Taking some extra care can embark you on the journey of lifetime.

So, pack your bags and get ready for celebrating spooky October and plan your trip to embark on some of the below destination. TravelGuzs has offered a great opportunity to celebrate the scary night with the spooky Halloween Vacations. This is the perfect time for travelers when everyone will be busy in exploring American destinations you can head to destinations across the world to enjoy the crowd-free places.

When is Halloween Celebrated?

Every year, Halloween has been celebrated on Oct 31st. In 2020, Halloween falls on Saturday which is a weekday, use this excuse to plan your trip and head out the Halloween destinations before getting the party started. Halloween is celebrated with different traditions, names and beliefs throughout the world. While traditional Halloween events include trick-or-treat and costume parties, Halloween is so much more than that in a few places around the world. Some events will cause you to scream in fear, others will have you partying with thousands of people, and others will have you participating in elaborate costume parades; however much you decide, we promise that it will be unforgettable.

Best Time to Book Flights For Halloween Vacations 2020

Halloween is one of the biggest festivals in America therefore, destinations from America will be crowded by tourists. It is advised to explore destinations across the world to explore the different tradition of Halloween. Book your Halloween Vacation Flights well in advance to get Halloween Deals on flights booking.

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Spooky Places to Celebrate Halloween Vacations

Travelguzs has come up with the list of places to go for Halloween and enjoy the Halloween vacations with family and friends. On this Halloween, you can choose exotic beach destinations to soak up the beauty of turquoise water, sand, and sun at an exotic beach, and more. Whatever is your Halloween destination, we offer you the best travel deals for your vacation.

Halloween Vacations: Budapest

Halloween is not a Hungarian holiday but it is becoming more popular in Budapest. If you are visiting Budapest don’t forget to experience the 30 min of Scary Tour where you will experience the fears with realistic, unique, and handmade creatures of the darkness. In that scary tour, you can see a lantern at night if you’re not afraid of ghosts and other things that go bump in the night.

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Halloween Vacations: Prague

A New Holiday Although Halloween originated in Ireland, it has spread rapidly all over the world. Because of the high number of Americans and other foreigners living there, kids even go trick-or-treat in one Prague neighbourhood. In windows and doorways, carved pumpkins are shown. There are plenty of costumes.

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Halloween Vacations: Delhi

Unlike other destinations, you can also celebrate the scariest festival of the year in Delhi, India. Head to Delhi and make the best of October. There are many places in Delhi where you can go enjoy the Halloween parties. The best part is that Halloween is being celebrated in Hollywood’s classic horror movies will feature in the decor.

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Halloween Vacations: Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the best place to celebrate Halloween. Its is Asia’s city for Halloween. Today, you will find ghostly scenes and pumpkins popping up in the theme park and the shopping centers. Halloween celebration in Hong Kong gets bigger and better each year. Take your pick from a variety of events and activities and scare this Halloween meaninglessly.

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Halloween Vacations: Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the best place to go for Halloween. Join the Scottish capital and spend a whole night or even a week in awe of yourself and your friends. The ancient Scottish town has enough of a spooky atmosphere on a bright summer day with its dark alleyways and underground past to scare the anxious so be vigilant October 31st when it really takes out all the stops.

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Halloween Vacations: Tokyo

Halloween came to Japan in 2000 when it hosted its first Halloween event in Tokyo Disneyland, followed by similar celebrations in Sanrio Puroland and Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. American holiday has exploded throughout the country in popularity, but there are some differences in how the Japanese celebrate the season.

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