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Food Around The World

Thinking of taking a foodie vacation? Make sure you try the iconic food from these countries. TravelGuzs has come up with the list of Food Destinations that will satisfy your foodlust. Traveling for Food is the best way to experience the local culture of a destination. We have got a list of special travel countries where you can plan your foodie vacation to. Discover the best places to travel for foodies and experience the best thing about traveling.

It’s a cathartic experience for the foodies, one that you can’t miss. That’s how you really plunge into the culture of wherever your journeys take you. Also known as foodcations, a term now identified by the Urban Dictionary, these tours have started in recent years and there are plenty of great places around the world to experience mouth-watering food.

Top Countries to Taste The Best Food Around The World

TravelGuzs has come up with with the list of best food cities in the world. Let’s begin with the countries which are popular as the best food destinations in the world? These countries are famous for having delicious food, around the world. Below is the list of best places to travel for foodies, to make your journey more mesmerizing with mouth-watering cuisines.

1. Australia

Australia has a multicultural society due to which you will find multiple cuisines that will make your travel experience memorable. If you are planning to visit Australia, don’t forget to try the Meat Pie and ANZAC Biscuits, the most popular dishes you should not miss.

ANZAC Biscuits were popularized during the World War as they had a long shelf life and featured ingredients that were easily accessible during World War. In spite of that, they taste delicious, rich with coconut, golden syrup, and rolled oats. ANZAC Biscuits taste the best when dunked in a cup of tea.

Meat Pie is another iconic ‘Aussie’ dish. There are pieces of meat and gravy contained in pastry with a tomato sauce dollop and can be served as a part of a meal if you add peas and mashed potatoes.

2. Thailand

Thailand is a food lover’s paradise where you can experience street food on a small budget. There is no doubt that it is the best place to experience authentic and delicious Thai food. Thai food makes the country one of the best places to travel for food.

Pad Thai is a flavoring dish made of rice noodles, fried shrimps, eggs, vegetables, and peanuts. While you can discover this dish in most restaurants, we suggest exploring the street markets to really enjoy Pad Thai.

3. India

India is a stunning place and a country of varied regional cuisine. It is a big country and each region is popular for its unique dishes and spices. Indian food is fairly common so you may have tasted some of the dishes but there is really nothing like coming to India to taste the food where it came from.

Dining with friendly Indians will make the experience even more pleasant. Biryani is one of the most famous dishes of India. You’re never going to be too far from a large bowl of biryani in India, from the streets of busy Mumbai to the restaurants down the tiny lanes of Old Delhi.

Biryani is an iconic dish made with meat, herbs, spices and fragrant rice. For a truly genuine Indian biryani experience, we suggest you visit one of the many local curry houses. Book flights to India and experience the colorful local culture.

4. Japan

Japanese cuisine is known as the tastiest in the world. Sashimi is one of Japan’s most popular dishes and must be tried when traveling to this nation in South East Asia.

Ramen is the country’s most popular and commonly consumed dish and a must for visitors. In every town or region of Japan you visit, there are plenty of excellent Ramen locations.

5. China

China is a fantastic destination for Chinese food lovers. Everyone has at least one favorite Chinese dish. Here, you will find a wide variety of typical Chinese food. China has its own style of making Chinese dishes. You must try Soup dumplings, frequently referred to as xiaolongbao, one of China’s most popular meals to be consumed. This dish actually originated in Shanghai and became famous over the country.

In fact, much of your local Chinese restaurant’s menu you have come to love is actually just an Americanized version of Chinese food.  So, if you wish to try authentic Chinese food, a visit to China is a must. Book flights to Shanghai and gets the real taste of dish by visiting its originated place.

6. South Africa

It is a country located in the southern part of the African continent. It is one of the most popular destinations due to its cultural diversity and wildlife. It is also popular for its culinary diversity. It is one of the best places to experience wildlife and delicious food.

Biltong is preserved and cured meat that originated in South Africa. It is prepared by salting and flavoring the meat with spices and hanging it to dry. It’s essentially South Africa’s bar snack, typically enjoyed with a refreshing drink. you can find biltong in most supermarkets or devoted shops. To experience the real taste of South Africa, we suggest you go one of the devoted biltong shops, where you can choose from plenty of spices,  lemon, and herbs making it from extra hot and spicy to smoky.

7. Vietnam

Vietnamese food is known for being the healthiest food unlike any other Asian city known for its cuisine. It has a generous mix of fresh herbs and greens, combined with rice, noodles, seafood with shrimp paste and fish sauces.

Pho is a historic dish, formed by French impact on Vietnam with the North and South Vietnam splitting flavors. Pho from the North focuses on rice noodles, meat, and a simplistic broth, often seasoned with a good pinch of salt and pepper. Pho from the South is rich in spices and flavors, typically garnished with bean sprouts, herbs, and sauces that we in America are more acquainted with. To try a bowl of traditional Northern Vietnamese pho, we recommend exploring the Sapa Mountains in Hanoi – you won’t regret it!

8. Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the known food destinations. If you are visiting Cambodia then TravelGuzs suggests you try Fish Amok. Travelers should try the art of cooking fish, meat, egg or vegetables in a thick coconut milk soup.

Fish Amok is a thick soup dish you will definitely enjoy in Cambodia. Over the years, this dish has been perfected by the locals. Phnom Penh has plenty of restaurants where you can eat this famous dish, the Eleven One Kitchen and Malis Restaurant being two well-known locations.

9. Malaysia

Malaysians are very passionate about their food and have a variety of cuisines in its melting pot of cultures. Nasi lemak is an iconic dish in Malaysia. It is made up of fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf.

It is usually consumed for breakfast, but at any moment of the day, tourists can indulge in this delightful meal. Book flights to Kuala Lumpur and experience the taste of nasi lemak in all its forms, ranging from street food style to Chinese style and, of course, traditional Malaysian style.

10. Singapore

Singapore is one of the most visited travel destinations and also one of the best food cities in the world.  It is a gastronomic delight where you can find any kind of cuisine that suits your budget. If you wish to enjoy the real taste of Singapore then try the unique chili crab dish.

It is usually served on a tray as a whole crab, encircled by a sauce of chili tomato called mantou. Tuck in the crab by breaking the shells with your fingers to make sure you get to all the delicious crab food – you’re ensured a delicious dining experience. Book your flights to Singapore to enjoy the authentic street food.

Traveling to a new destination and having the signature dish of that place is a great way to experience the local culture. Food destinations and experiences are a top priority for many tourists. Above are some of the amazing places you can go and experience the best food around the world. TravelGuzs has suggested the favorite places to discover around the world where food interests are the primary reason for booking flights to these wonderful locations. Book the best foodie vacation this year with TravelGuzs!