Qatar Airways Resume Flights to Four More US Destination From June 19

Qatar Airways Are Set To Resume Four Flights To The US Destinations

Qatar Airways was one of the airlines who were working during the time of crisis. Their commitments to the US market has not wavered throughout the unprecedented pandemic. Due to pandemic, when other airlines stop working, Qatar Airways has been working closely with the government authorities and aviation faculties to take the stranded people home from India, Africa, Australia and the Middle East.

The national carrier of state Qatar has proudly announced its next commitment to the US market by resuming flights to New York from June 19 rising weekly from July 2). Furthermore, flights to Boston, Los Angeles and Washington Dulles from July 1, joining existing Chicago and Dallas-Fort Worth service. With this commitment, airlines US network rebuilt to 39 weekly flights by mid-July 2020.

As global travel resume gradually, Airlines has adapted additional precautionary measure to reassure the passenger about their safety throughout the journey. In addition to this, the airline has come up with lots of Flexi travel policies by understanding the uncertainty of passengers travel plan.

For a more reliable experience, Qatar Airways also has taken some extra steps to prevent the passenger from this outbreak.

By using the existing partnership with American Airlines and JetBlue in place, resuming flights will bring valuable benefits to the Qatar passengers.

Qatar Airways enable the passenger to book onward flights with American Airlines to almost 180 destinations with more than 350 domestic destinations per day. This will increase 600 daily services to Boston, New York, Los Angeles and Washington Dulles. Other flights to New York and five-weekly Boston flights will also facilitate the resumption of the JetBlue.

New York(JFK)
From ToFlight DepartureArrival
22- Jun23-OctQR702New Yor- JFK 21:00Doha- DOH16:15
22- Jun24-OctQR701Doha- DOH08:15New Yor- JFK 15:00
3- Jul23-OctQR704New Yor- JFK 02:45Doha- DOH22:00
2-Jul20-OctQR703Doha- DOH01:15New Yor- JFK 08:00
From ToFlight DepartureArrival
1- Jul 23-OctQR744Boston- BOS22:00Doha- DOH16:55
1- Jul 24-OctQR743Doha- DOH08:00Boston- BOS14:15
Washington (IAD)
From ToFlight DepartureArrival
1- Jul 30- AugQR708Washington- IAD20:25Doha- DOH15:55
1- Jul 31- AugQR707Doha- DOH08:40Washington- IAD15:35
31- Aug24-OctQR708Washington- IAD20:25Doha- DOH16:15
1-Sep 24-OctQR707Doha- DOH08:25Washington- IAD15:35
Los Angeles (Lax)
From ToFlight DepartureArrival
1- Jul 31- AugQR740Los Angeles- LAX15:35Doha- DOH17:05
1- Jul 31- AugQR739Doha- DOH07:35Los Angeles- LAX13:35
1- Sep24-OctQR740Los Angeles- LAX16:05Doha- DOH17:35
1-Sep 24-OctQR739Doha- DOH08:05Los Angeles- LAX16:05
Dallas Fort Worth(DFW)
From ToFlight DepartureArrival
23-Jun24-OctQR730Dallas- DFW18:10Doha- DOH16:40
23- Jun24-OctQR729Doha- DOH07:50Dallas- DFW15:30
From ToFlight DepartureArrival
Current24-OctQR726Chicago- ORD18:50Doha- DOH16:20
Current24-OctQR725Doha- DOH07:45Chicago- ORD13:45