Airline Launches Digital Health Passport For All International Travel to the US


To protect the international passengers flying to the U.S., Major Airlines have introduced an easy way to provide a negative coronavirus (COVID-19) test certificate and other related documents required for international travel into the United States. A crucial step will help international passengers comply with the new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) testing requirements.

To reduce the risk of COVID-19, many countries are implementing advanced technologies and try to save their countries from the rapidly spreading virus. However, there are plenty of travel requirements implemented by countries which are mandatory for every traveler.

In an effort to streamline the process, airlines have introduced a digital health passport to ensure every passenger pre-flight history.

Americans can download VeriFLY mobile app/ a mobile health passport to help customers understand and verify the current travel requirements which will be easily available for Americans starting Saturday, Jan. 23, 2021, for travel from all international destinations.

U.S. Will Require Negative COVID-19 Results For Travelers

The international passengers arriving at international flights to the US are required to take a viral test within the 72 hours before their flight to depart, Effective January 26. They will need to present a proof of a negative COVID-19 test or provide written documentation of their laboratory test result to the respected airline. US to require Negative COVID-19 Results.

Major Airlines To Introduce the Digital Health Passport

Major airlines are planning to expand access to the VeriFLY app under the guidance of the U.S. government’s. Under this new safety measure, all the international passengers (exclude children) traveling to the United States from any international location test negative to COVID-19 within three calendar days of departure.

The authorities are planning to expand the use of VeriFLY to speed up the use of the app and make it easier for the customers to travel internationally. They support the implementation of a global programme to require a COVID-19 test for international travelers to the USA, and also want to do everything they can to make travel a seamless experience for their passengers. They have received positive feedback on the app until now and look forward to more passenger having the opportunity to use it to book the travel with peace of mind.

The test requirement for inbound international travelers has been announced this week. The CDC declared that starting on January 26, all air passengers flying to United State will have to conduct a viral test within three days of their flight date and bring either the test report (paper/electronic) or the proof of recovery documentation and need to submit it to the airline.

Which Airlines Started Using Digital Health Passport?

The International passengers can use VeriFLY to simplify their travel originating from the U.S. to a number of countries including Jamaica, El Salvador, Chile, Guatemala, Colombia and Honduras. Thus far, thousands of Airline customers have been using the app to simplify their process during the pandemic.

British Airways
American Airlines
Alaska Airlines
Cathay Pacific
Qatar Airways
Singapore Airlines
Lufthansa Airways

What is ‘Digital Health Passport, VeriFLY’?

A digital health passport application is developed and managed by Daon, the provider of biometric authentication & identity assurance solutions. According to Daon, VeriFLY offers travelers a secure and easy way to verify the COVID-19 travel requirements of their destination.

After creating a secure profile on the VeriFLY app, Daon will ensure the customer’ details is in line with the country requirements and displays a simple pass or failed message. This simple message streamlines the check-in and document verification process at the airport prior to departure. The app will also provide a reminder to the traveler when their travel window is closed or when their credential has expired.

How to use VeriFLY App?

A digital health passport VeriFLY app is easy to use. Passengers can easily download the application using iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. Then, Passengers will need to create an account and enter their travel details to know the required documentation such as proof of a negative COVID-19 test certificate or the recovery document.

Passengers are recommended to review the current travel requirements to their final destination, including any travel restrictions on passport or point of origin. Call our travel advisors to know more about the airline’s preflight testing program to simplify the travel process.