Emirates and Flydubai Celebrate Five Years of Partnership

Emirates and FLyDubai Celebrates 5 Years

Emirates and Flydubai celebrate five years of partnership this month as they joined to offer unparalleled travel around the world. Their route network has grown immensely, allowing 11 million passengers to fly on 250,000 journeys since 2017.

This joint venture surpasses traditional codesharing, and now features integrated network cooperation, streamlined scheduling, easy transfers at Dubai International (DXB) between T2 and T3, single-journey baggage transfers, and reciprocal loyalty rewards with the shared loyalty plan, Emirates Skywards.

The five key highlights and benefits of Emirates and Flydubai’s partnership are as below:

  • Customers have a vast selection of options: 215 destinations in 98 countries and over 250 code-share flights. Emirates and Flydubai customers can both book flights to numerous destinations. Popular ones include Kathmandu, Kuwait, the Maldives, Tel Aviv, and Zanzibar.
  • 8.5 million members have benefited from the Emirates and Flydubai joint loyalty program, earning 150 billion Skywards Miles over the last 5 years.
  • Customers at DXB experience smooth check-in, luggage transit, access to Emirates lounges at T3 and Flydubai at T2, shorter journey times with expanded flight schedules, and easy access to 33 Flydubai destinations at T3.
  • Every month, 270,000 passengers benefit from increased connectivity between Emirates and Flydubai as the airlines add more flights to their timetables, creating more travel opportunities. Both airlines offer multiple departures to various destinations, with Emirates recently adding Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. Flydubai’s network is continually expanding, launching flights to Al Ula, Namangan, Osh, Pisa, Samarkand and more in 2022, and Gan, Cagliari, Milan-Bergamo, Corfu, Krabi, Pattaya in 2023. Additionally, Flydubai will resume flights to Abha, Ha’il, Hofuf and Tabuk in Saudi Arabia.
  • Emirates is investing $2 billion for the betterment of customer experience, including Premium Economy seats, upgraded dining and eco-friendly options. flydubai is also introducing new Business Class recliner seats, with 70 Boeing 737s already in service, and further retrofitting some aircraft and equipping new ones with the updated seats.

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