Americans Need To Know About Traveling To Europe

What American Need to know about eu travel ban

Daydreaming about traveling to Europe? Here, we have got good news for you. There are still some countries in Europe which are ready to welcome Americans with its open arms. The renewed travel ban on the American is causing lots of confusion for travelers who wanted to travel to the European Union.

With effect from 1 July, the ban on entry into the 30 European and Schengen countries extends indefinitely for most arrivals from the United States. In July, Europe may have prevented the United States and others from moving to the mainland. But it also paves the way for potentially thousands of visitors from those excluded countries. As per the new recommendations, there are more possible waivers.

Airlines Precautionary Measures For Passengers Safety

Americans Need to Know

In late June, the European Union had decided to reopen the borders for travel from July 1 but Americans were banned from entering the EU. We have found the list of some amazing getaways in Europe which are still open for Americans. These are includes,

1. Kosovo-

Kosovo is open to US visitor considering no restrictions for Covid-19. Travelers are recommended to conduct a PCR test within four days of arrival. The authorities at Pristina International Airport are demanding that only one person accompany those arriving or leaving to maintain social distancing. The State Department also says that due to global pandemic it will postpone travel to North Mitrovica, Leposavic, Zubin Potok and Zvecan.

2. Serbia

As per the statement, all Covid-19 related travel restrictions are lifted for both Serbian and visitors. Furthermore, there is no need to conduct a PCR test to enter Serbia. Following a Serbian government agreed that travelers will be permitted to enter the country without undergoing an obligatory 14-day quarantine period

3. Turkey

Turkey government has opened the majority of it’s an international border. Travelers do not need to conduct any test or present health documentation to enter / exit Turkey unless they are arriving for medical treatment. No quarantine is required.

4. North Macedonia

According to the state government, there is no need to do a PCR test to enter North Macedonia. There is no need to stay isolated. Skopje Airport and Ohrid Airport reopened for flights on July and July 2. Travelers are not allowed to enter the city by displaying the symptoms of COVID-19. Individuals must have six-foot social distance in public, wearing a protective face mask in closed public spaces. Bars and restaurants are allowed to operate indoor areas while implementing specific protocols.

5. Croatia

As of 1 July 2020, all nationals of the European Economic Area (E.E.A.) and persons holding permanent residence in the E.U./E.E.A. Countries are free to enter Croatia, with no restrictions. For business, tourism, or other pressing personal reasons, all other foreign nationals, including U.S. citizens, may enter Croatia. Croatia has lifted the travel restrictions for entering into Croatia, instead, individuals are given a pamphlet from the Croatian Institute of Public Health with suggestions and instructions that they must follow for 14 days.

6. Ukraine

Americans will be eligible to enter Ukraine if they can show they have medical benefits covering all costs related to COVID-19 care while in Ukraine. U.S. people entering Ukraine would be forced to undergo self-quarantine if the U.S. Department of Health finds the U.S. a nation with high COVID-19 incidences.

7. United Kingdom

According to the statement given by the BBC, Travelers will be asked to provide an address where they can self-isolate for 14 days. Travelers will be penalized is they fail to self-isolate. Travelers who have been in the CTA for 14 days, do not have to enter quarantine.