Qantas Appoints New Director of Sales in North America

As Borders are re-opening, flights returning and the A380 in the Skies again, Qantas Airways is re-building its team. Qantas has Promoted Kristine Schneider and Tom Taylor as the Director of Sales for North America. Kristine will hold the responsibility for the Agency Partner strategy while Tom will focus on the Corporate Strategy in North America.

Kristine has been associated with Qantas for close to five years and has managed Qantas largest TMC relationships across North America. Kristine has helped keep Qantas in the forefront and prepare the sales team for success as we begin flying and the borders continue to open.

Tom is associated with Qantas for close to eight years. Tom’s positive attitude and collaborative approach have helped Qantas accomplish tasks including implementing joint corporate dealing with American Airlines. He also has taken successfully on many of the mid-sized TMC relationships and independent contractors which are crucial to Qantas Success.

Both Kristine and Tom have developed multiple ways to work more efficiently and set Qantas up to successfully do business in new ways.

Congratulations to Kristine and Tom on their new appointments!

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