Major U.S. Airlines Are Offering COVID-19 Testing

Are Airlines Providing COVID-19 Testing for Passengers

To ensure passenger safety, American airports and international aircraft have been implemented an enhanced safety measure. But even with the enhanced health and safety protocols, air travel remains a potential source for spreading the virus.

To curb the chain of the rapidly spreading virus during air travel, some US states have decided to allow those passengers who have been presenting negative COVID-19 test results in-hand as no countries are ready to import new Coronavirus cases as they are already struggling to control the virus.

To inspire the passenger for air travel, major airlines have taken a crucial step by partnering with health companies to offer COVID-19 tests to passengers. Preflight Covid-19 testing can cost around $70 to $150 each. Airlines have encouraging passengers to take their tests within 72 hours of boarding. Testing processes will vary by airline. The following U.S. carriers are currently offering various coronavirus testing services to prevent the passenger from the virus.

Airlines safety measures

Airlines are incorporating Covid-19 testing for air travel

Major US carriers including United Airline, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Hawaii Airlines are offering Covid-19 test options to passengers particularly for the passengers flying to an international destination or Hawaii state. Preflight COVID-19 testing will include home-based tests, in-person tests at the airport and drive-through tests. With a negative result in hand, travelers will be exempt from the state related quarantine requirements for new arrivals. The passenger can book their own test before travel and can save a lot of time and effort by scheduling a test through your airline.

Covid-19 Travel Update

Alaska Airlines COVID-19 Testing

Alaska Airlines has partnered with a number of test providers offering home-based testing, in-person and drive-through testing options. All of these testing partners are approved by the Hawaii State Pre-Travel Testing Program. The test provided by Alaska Airline cost around $125- $170 based on the test option chosen by the passenger. Test results will arrive by email within 72 hours of the appointment.

United Airlines COVID-19 Testing

United Airlines was the first American airline who has introduced the offer of Preflight COVID-19 testing. United Airline has partnered with some COVID-19 testing providers to conduct PCR test for flyers. United Airlines flies over many international destinations and Hawaii permitting a negative COVID-19 test result on arrival. Indeed, United is the only airline currently operating its mandatory rapid test before boarding which is completely free of charge for all passengers. Eligible passengers will get detailed information on the schedule of their tests before the start of their journey.

American Airlines COVID-19 Testing

American Airlines was one of the first airlines to introduce preflight COVID-19 testing as part of the pre-flight process and is currently offering its passengers home-testing and in-person testing. Home-based COVID-19 testing cost around $129 which should be purchase at least five days before departure. Passengers flying to, Grenada (GND), Belize (BZE), Chile (SCL) and St. Lucia (UVF) will now have the opportunity to get the home-based test kits prior to departure. American has recently started partnering with British Airways and oneworld alliance to offer free COVID-19 tests on selected flights to London. This trial is entirely arbitrary and qualified customers will be approached on these flights with guidelines on how to enrol.

Hawaiian Airlines COVID-19 Testing

Since Hawaii is one of the few States requiring enforced negative COVID-19 results to sidestep 14-day quarantine, Hawaii Airlines has many partners to ensure test availability, all of which are approved by the State of Hawaii. Hawaii Airlines is also offering various testing options including at-home, drive-through and In-person test offering the passenger more flexibility to conduct a test. Testing results within 36 hours cost $90- $105 per person, whereas test results within 24 hours cost $150- $165 per person.

JetBlue Airways COVID-19 Testing

JetBlue is partnered with a health provider to offer passenger access to FDA-approved, saliva-based COVID-19 testing, at-home. Testing is done on its own, with customers collecting their own samples under the supervision of a test supervisor via an online video connection. The specimen is then stored in a laboratory for processing, and the results are provided electronically within 72 hours.

Spirit Airlines COVID-19 Testing

According to the statement, Spirit Airlines will begin to offer the PCR and rapid antigen testing of COVID-19 at a dozen major U.S. airports, including Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Seattle, Philadelphia and Minneapolis. Although Spirit airlines did not announce any specific partnership with. Pricing will set around $69 for the antigen test, with results in 30 minutes, and $99 for the PCR test, with results reported within 48 hours.