Turkish airline

Important Announcemnet for LHE & ISB Passengers / 27NOV17

Due to the Chaos condition in the LHE and ISB, for passengers who have bookings on the flights from/to LHE, ISB between 35-28/11/2017and ticketed ON/Before 25/11/2017, providing that their tickets are revalidated until 05/12/2017 (included), Disregarding of related fare rules:

1) Rebooking and Rerouting changes :

Rebooking will be made, to the flights until 10/12/2017 (included) without any charge. The rule is also valid for the different reservation booking classes in the same cabin.

2) Rerouting :

Reouting will be made according to (Original) fare rules.

3) Refund Requests :

Refund will be made without any charge regardless of fares rules.

4) Extension of validity :

Validity of ticket can be extended until 10 December 2017 (Included) without any fare difference or penalty.

5) Cancellations/Refunds of Group Reservations :

For which payment or guarantee MCO is received will be made disregarding applying penalties of exciting fare rules.

Enter waiver code in the endorsement box : ISTCNTK 271359 NOV17