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Globus is a world leader in providing a traveller with a wide range of travel styles with first-class services. Globus brand family offers a variety of holiday packages that are fully discovered and tailored to the needs of diverse customers who have great holiday experiences, full of discovery. We offer hundreds of unique journies all over Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa. Holiday help you to live longer, healthier and happier. Vacation is not only to reduce your physical stress but also to reduce mental stress and to refresh yourself by spending some time with your loved one and enjoying a journey and fabulous experience. With the Globus Family, we provide the holiday packages with unbelievable deals.


If you are planning for holidays with your loved one then book your vacation with the best deals and save money. Book a 2019  Globus Across Australia holidays by train with including the Indian Pacific train to receive $200 discount per person on the land. Booking must be made between 17th October and 31st December 2018 for travel in 2019, to the discount and deposits. So hurry and book your package now. This offer is combinable with other promotional offers. Offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time. This offer is exclusive from TravelGuzs.


The Indian Pacific is an Australian passenger rail service operating in the Indian Ocean between Sydney, the Pacific Ocean, and Perth. It’s one of the World’s transcontinental trains. You will feel a great sense of anticipation as this unforgettable Australian adventure begins to unfold when you enter the mighty Indian Pacific. Whether you are travelling from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific or the other way around, you will travel the longest straight track in the world. In contrast, this is a journey that encompasses the towering majesty of the Blue Mountains to the barren expanse of the Nullabor and every gold mine, ghost town, and grapevine. Outside your window, the landscape shifts over and over, revealing hidden secrets, from the long-abandoned Nullarbor homes to the wonderfully resilient Western Australian wildflowers. This is definitive Australia, with all its variance. You will touch and be touched by the vast beauty of this magnificent country from inside and outside your cabin– the textures, the light, the unimaginable hues and when you take this iconic journey from coast to coast, you will be much richer for the experience.


If you’re travelling to the Globus, your holiday is perfect and wonderful. You will receive the Great hotels with amazing food, and sightseeing. Many travel providers tend to overestimate the need for a vacation after your holiday. Globus provided an ook and a latte in a sidewalk café in just the right amount of free time for individual exploration, silent reflection. Everyone loves extras- until they are additionally charged. So we include more visits, more experiences and more sightseeing, all at the vacation price. So the only surprises that your customers encounter are those that we have thoughtfully planned. Globus work hard behind the scenes to get your customers in the centre of the biggest attractions in the world. Globus is minimizing line, minimize time to wait for maximum fun.


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