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Exclusive offers on group travel by TravelGuzs. Many picturesque destinations to choose from . Offer valid until June 15, 2018.

Its time to have some fun with your friends, colleagues, and family. Together we can make a mesmerising trip. Choose your destination and book your group tickets now and save more.

Travelling with your group makes you feel refreshing and energetic. No fun can be compared when your with your friends and family. Its time to pull up the socks and get ready for your next group vacation. Do one thing that scares you with your friends you will really feel the fun .

Despite all the ups and downs, group travel binds and brings people together within the experience in amazing ways. Travel binds people around particular memories, forges unspoken bonds from the rigours of the experience and elicits long lasting positivity between all who go through it together.

Sharing the experience creates something to reminisce about. Then there are the practical advantages of being in a group. Think room sharing, split costs of food and transport, group discount deals on activities and so on.  You can divide up luggage to share weight, support each other in tough times (e.g. accompanying someone to hospital), divvy up travel gear to save everyone taking more than one of the same item unnecessarily.  And so on and so forth.  Being in a group can be incredibly helpful for these sorts of reasons and open up opportunities that would be far harder for a solo traveler on a budget.

Budget travel for your group won’t last for a long. Hurry book now !! 



Spanish Peninsular Balearic Island
Departure Airport MAD/ BCN   MLN Canary Island Europe Travel Period
Boston $534 $606 $650 $674 15 Sep 18- 13 Dec 18
JFK $609 $624 $661 $698 15 Sep 18- 13 Dec 18
MIA $556 $688 $670 $667 15 Sep 18- 13 Dec 18

This deal has expired!!

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