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Istanbul Stopover - Hotel Accomodation

Istanbul, at the juncture of Europe and Asia, is a terrific spot to layover. Hundreds of countries are just a few hours distant from Istanbul, making it an ideal stopover location. Make sure you witness the miracle of two continents coming together, the beautiful vistas of the Bosphorus, and the vibrant, colorful city before you go.

It is a hotel service provided to Economy Class passengers for one night and Business Class passengers for two nights in Istanbul with a voucher that will be arranged just for international transfer passengers at the departure airport.

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Stopover is a situation when transfer passengers wait 20 hours and over willingly in Istanbul. 

• Stopover provides flexible flight hours. 
• There is a stopover option for all classes. 
• No obligation of flying with the first connected flight. 
• Visas and intracity transportation is under passenger’s initiative.


 • Stopovers apply for the cities and countries in the scope of stopovers indicated in the table above.
• The departure and return country of the round trip must be the same for a stopover to apply. 
• Free accommodation is available for round-trip tickets. Free accommodation can be used on the outbound or return journey.
• Visa fees, the cost of travel around the city, and the cost of travel between the airport and hotel are borne by the passenger.
• Free accommodation is available to passengers with a stopover lasting 20 hours or more. 
• Free accommodation is available for informational tickets issued. Passengers can take advantage of free accommodation using their ticket number.

Passengers Departing from the USA to Africa, Eastern Europe, Balkans, Southern Europe, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Jordan, Afghanistan, Nepal will be able to avail of the offer.

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