21 Best Places to Travel for Christmas

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Best Places To Travel For Christmas

Destinations all across the U.S. and globally are experiencing the excitement and energy associated with Christmas as its arrival draws nearer. Beautiful surroundings certainly enhance this eventful season; but for true Christmas magic the ideal spots offer festive decor and activities which encapsulate its spirit.

There are countless holiday getaway spots worldwide that will satisfy all your holiday spirits if you choose to vacation away from home this Christmas season. To help with your search, we’ve compiled our Top 21 Christmas Places To Go For Holiday Vacations (relax into winter wonderlands like mountains or beaches! ).

1] Rovaniemi, Finland

At Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, which features a number of enchanting sights and attractions for Christmas, you can experience the Most Authentic and True Spirit of Christmas you can ever imagine. Santa Claus Village can be found in Rovaniemi, the Finnish region of Lapland’s capital.

People go from all over the world to Rovaniemi, the birthplace of Santa Claus, to enjoy Christmas in its magical winter setting. Your vacation will be incredibly pleasant and worry-free thanks to the village’s availability of all essential utilities, allowing you to spend quality time with your loved ones.

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2] Stowe, Vermont, USA

The title of busiest town over the holidays goes to this Vermont Christmas village, most certainly. Visitors can enjoy skating, skiing, and other outdoor activities as their spirits are warmed by the glistening lights and roaring fireplaces in the lodges and restaurants.

3] Paris, France

Paris during Christmas is just magical and is as elegant as the city itself. From bustling outdoor ice rinks to the numerous lovely Christmas markets that line the streets and squares, each quartier has its own unique appeal. Paris is indeed the “City of Light,” especially during the holiday season.

Christmas markets have been a long-standing custom since the Middle Ages. The Christmas markets are customarily hosted in the town square which provides much-needed cheer during the brief winter days that preceded Advent.

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4] Edinburgh, Scotland

Although Edinburgh is beautiful all year long, the holiday season is when visitors should visit. With its sparkling, vibrant environment, Edinburgh is where the magic happens during the holiday season.

Join the atmosphere of Edinburgh’s streets as they are transformed into a city of lights, music, and holiday cheer. The City sponsors nativity-themed events, carolers, and holiday light displays.

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5] Tallinn, Estonia

Over the cobblestone streets and scarlet rooftops, snowflakes fall. Cafe windows are lit by candles and fairy lights. 

Tallinn is at its most charming in the winter. Visitors can come and make wishes under the luxuriant Christmas tree that dominates Town Hall Square starting at the end of November. Tallinn’s churches, businesses, and city streets experience a festive atmosphere, high spirits, and colorful lights in December. The iconic Christmas market located in Town Hall Square is Tallinn’s biggest draw.

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6] Brisbane, Australia

Nothing compares to Christmas in Brisbane. The warm nights and the flowing river provide the ideal setting for some wonderful Christmas customs. The Brisbane CBD and South Bank host a variety of Christmas festivities each year. Brisbane’s free Christmas celebrations take place in King George Square, which is located in the city’s center.

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7] Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium, may very well be the most outrageously charming medieval town in all of Europe. The enchanted Bruges Christmas season includes swans, horse-drawn carriages, chocolate shops, little lace shops, and Christmas Markets.

The Bruges Christmas market is filled with the delicious aroma of freshly made waffles, and the streets are decorated with beautiful fairy lights that are mirrored in the canal. Bruges is a lovely Christmas destination. Spend some time at one of Europe’s most quaint Christmas markets

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8] Jasper, Canada

Jasper is ideal in the winter, with skiing, delectable cuisine, and comfortable log cabins. And when you factor in the holiday festivities, it’s even better in December. There are numerous Christmas lights, and a fantastic NYE party is guaranteed.

There are many reasons why spending the holidays in this charming mountain town will produce an unforgettable experience as well as many enduring memories, from festivals to furry pals.

9] New York, USA

You can get into the holiday spirit by taking a vacation to NYC around Christmas time. I decorated the constantly busy city with festive decorations and bright lights. The fresh December air is permeated with an evident spirit of joy.

Top Christmas activities in NYC, include ice skating in Central Park, visiting Christmas decorations at Macy’s, and visiting Christmas markets.

10] Vancouver, Canada

Although Vancouver is a great spot to visit all year round in North America, the holiday season is the ideal time to go.

The biggest West Coast city in Canada and a beautiful destination to enjoy the holidays with lights and decorations. Make your Christmas in Vancouver pleasant, with activities including sleigh rides, ice skating under the stars, Santa Claus visits, and trips into British Columbia’s snow-covered landscapes.

Stroll through a stunning light show as you round Blue Grouse Lake

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11] London, United Kingdom

There is a particular kind of ageless allure about Christmas in London. The bars are warm and crowded at all times of the day throughout the holiday season. It’s almost like a scene from A Christmas Carol. Even the most jaded Londoner will participate in a few Christmas traditions, such as ice skating at Somerset House, visiting the enormous tree in Trafalgar Square, and taking pictures of the department store windows. 

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12] Bavaria, Germany

Christkindlmarkt, often known as Christmas markets, was first held in Germany in the 15th century, and there are many attractive options to choose from in the southern state of Bavaria. This landlocked area is renowned for its fairytale architecture, which is even more breathtaking when covered in snow and lit up by sparkling lights.

Germany’s Bavaria, with its fantasy castles and snow-capped mountains, is a great place to get into the holiday spirit.

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13] Porto, Portugal

Porto truly embraces the Christmas spirit right from the beginning of December.

Since December 1st is a national holiday, a magical Christmas atmosphere has descended upon the city. Most homes in Porto bring out their trees, lights, wreaths, and nativity scenes to celebrate Christmas with their families. Porto locals enjoy making the most of this season. Porto’s City Hall organizes numerous complimentary events that are appropriate for both adults and children.

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14] Auckland, New Zealand

Christmas customs are well rooted in Auckland. Enjoy December in a uniquely Kiwi way if you arrive in New Zealand just before the start of the summer vacation period.

Farmers Santa Parade, which has been held for 80 years in a city with a marching band, themed floats, performances by multicultural groups, and enormous balloons. Participate in the MOTAT Christmas Light, a festive evening event that transforms a hip tech museum.

15] Rome, Italy

Christmas in Italy is all about extravagant shopping, religious customs, and light displays. The finest place to experience that Italian holiday flair is in the Historic Centre. Rome is, after all, a significant location for the Christian faith, making Christmas a highly interesting time to travel there.

It frosted Christmas decorations and lighting streets and piazzas with holiday happiness. Stores present their best window displays; churches prepare for one of the largest holidays in the Christian calendar. Rome is a bustling, animated, and joyful city around Christmas.

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16] Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is a great site to take in the romance of the holiday season with a prolonged Christmas season that lasts through January. A high likelihood of a sprinkling of snow, and a Christmas market that matches the rest of Europe.

As Serbia follows the Julian calendar rather than the Gregorian one, Christmas is celebrated on January 7 rather than December 25. However, the holiday season begins earlier, ensuring that visitors in December will still experience the holiday spirit. Serbia hosts a grand Orthodox Christmas festival that will introduce you to some long-forgotten customs associated with this priceless holiday.

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17] Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has a wonderful Christmas. Plunged in and spent the holiday Catalan-style, taking in everything from the gorgeous churches to the ancient Christmas Markets in Barcelona to the incredibly strange Barcelona Christmas traditions. Christmas is observed in its own unique traditions and customs, which end on January 6th, Three Kings Day.

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18] Athens, Greece

In the Greek capital, take advantage of the most enchanted season.

As a Mediterranean nation, Athens experiences relatively mild winters, which is ideal for people who wish to avoid places that get more snow. There are charming customs to experience as well as delectable seasonal fare to lure you. Visitors will have an amazing experience thanks to the city’s distinctive image created by lights, colors, and music.

Christmastime in Athens means strolling the lavishly decked Syntagma square.

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19] Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is decorated for the holidays with bright Christmas trees that line the city’s squares. In Prague, locals and visitors alike may experience some of the best Christmas markets in all of Europe. The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague, is known for its dynamic culture, architectural marvels, and historical monuments. Prague has a nearly unlimited selection of holiday-season activities available. Try ice skating, visit a Christmas market, take in some culture, go to a Christmas performance, etc.

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20] Naples, Italy

Naples Christmas includes large parties with activities spread out throughout the entire month of December and into January after New Year’s Eve.

In churches and museums, crib displays will transport you to an Italian Christmas. Another viewpoint on Christmas in Naples is the cuisine. One of the most well-known cities in Italy has a rich culinary history, and it shows in some of the best dishes produced at the time. You can sample traditional desserts like Struffoli in cafés.

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21] Vienna, Austria

One of the major centers of culture around the world is Vienna. This city has attractions unmatched anywhere else because to its imperial palaces and unending baroque streetscape. The Austrian capital is stunning year-round, but Christmas is when it truly shines. It’s difficult not to fall in love with Vienna when snow is falling, and lights are glittering above.

Beginning in mid-November, it is observed with customary Christmas markets, concerts in preparation for Christmas, festive fare, and thoughtful gifts. The main area in front of Vienna’s city hall, Rathausplatz, hosts Austria’s largest Christmas market.

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