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Cheap Easter Flight Deals

Are you thinking of a unique way to spend your Easter vacation? One of the finest times to travel is during Easter. Easter is observed in various ways in places all around the world.

Easter occurs in the spring, and it is by far the best time to travel. Spring brings longer days, warmer weather, and nature that is more beautiful than ever. People enjoy traveling during Easter since it provides one of the finest opportunities to learn about the traditions and customs of the places they visit.

If you’re planning an Easter getaway, decide where you want to go exploring.

Easter Offers to International Destinations

Bologna, Italy

Pasqua (Easter) is a beautiful time to be in Italy whether you are religious or not. The weather is pleasant, and there are several intriguing traditions to observe. Consider running monks, colossal sculptures, vibrant processions, and several larger-than-life reenactments. Easter is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for travelers to mingle with locals, Enjoy Italy’s piazzas and streets to enjoy this sacred festival together.

Bologna, known for being one of Italy’s most “golosa” or gluttonous towns, features a variety of distinctive Easter delicacies. At Easter Sunday supper, tortellini in brodo (tortellini in broth) are eaten with lasagne cooked with fresh spinach or asparagus.

Business Class to Bologna – $2,673 RT
Economy class to Bologna – $901 RT


Malaga, Spain

In Malaga, Easter is one of the most significant and bustling periods of the year. Easter in Malaga, also known as Holy Week (semana santa in Spanish), is marked with long, solemn processions that parade across the city for seven days.

Business Class to Malaga – $2,585 RT
Economy Class to Malaga – $593 RT


Berlin, Germany

Easter in Berlin brings a slew of activities, carnivals, and festivals to the city. Berlin conducts its annual Spring Festival leading up to and during Easter. Over 70 rides, loads of traditional German cuisine, and a festive atmosphere await visitors at this carnival-style amusement fair.

Business Class to Berlin – $2,334 RT
Economy Class to Berlin – $593 RT


Paris, France

France is home to chocolate shops galore! Chocolate bunnies and candy eggs adorn the shelves of chocolatiers, pâtisseries stock their shelves with lavishly adorned cakes, and florists fill the streets with the pleasant aroma of Easter flowers.

Business Class to Paris – $2,476 RT
Economy Class to Paris – $617 RT


Amsterdam, Netherlands

With Easter, April is a joyous month in Amsterdam. Seeing the blossoming flower fields and having an Easter meal with eggs and chocolate are two things to do in Amsterdam in April.

Business Class Flight to Amsterdam – $2,464 RT
Economy Class Flight to Amsterdam – $515 RT


Copenhagen, Denmark

Gkkebreve, a lot of food, snaps, and chocolate eggs are just a few of the items that are always present at Easter in Denmark.

Business Class Flight Copenhagen – $2,444 RT
Economy Class Flight tp Copenhagen – $565 RT


Rome, Italy

One of the most gratifying times to visit Rome is during Easter. While the weather might be fickle at this time of year, it’s also a time when the city’s churches – which number in the thousands – step up to the plate, and regional gastronomic traditions get another chance to shine.

Business Class Flight to Rome – $2,600 RT
Economy Class Flight to Rome – $640 RT


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