PCR Test with QR code is Mandatory for all passengers arriving at Egypt’s Cairo Airport

Cairo Airport PCR test Requirements

Starting from 18 JUN 2021 at 00:01 CAI (Cairo) local time, PCR test with QR Code is mandatory for all passengers arriving at Cairo (CAI) Airport. COVID-19 ID NOW, PCR-NAA, Antigen (AG), igG – igM are NOT accepted.

Egypt’s General Travel Requirements

• A face mask is mandatory during the flight.

• A Health Declaration form should be available on all the international flights and filled by the Passengers before boarding the flight (at the departure airport) and delivered to The Quarantine Authorities upon arrival.

• Health Declaration form must be filled and signed before boarding the flight at the Departure airport (on the international flights)

• Passengers travelling to Egypt should be screened at the airport of departure.

• Passengers suffering from a temperature (Equal / above) 38C or those suffering from one of the respiratory symptoms (cough/sneezing/shortness of breath …etc.) are not allowed to board the aircraft.

• In case any of the respiratory symptoms appear on a passenger during the flight, all necessary precautions must be taken if possible by (separate the suspected passenger in an area far from the rest of the passengers / assign one of the cabin crew members to serve the sick passenger / provide a bathroom for the sick passenger only).

• Global Health insurance is no longer mandatory. (optional) 

• All Passengers arriving in Egypt from (Ethiopia – Eritrea – Senegal – Sudan – Somalia – Congo – Niger – Angola – Uganda – Benin – Burkina Faso – Burundi – Chad – Togo – Tanzania – Gambia – South Sudan- Central African Republic – Democratic Republic of Congo – Sierra Leone -Rwanda – Zambia – Ghana – Guinea – Guinea Bissau – Equatorial Guinea – Côte d’Ivoire – Kenya – Liberia – Mali – Mauritania – Nigeria-Cameroon –Gabon – Brazil – Argentina – Ecuador – Paraguay – Panamá – Peru – Trinidad and Tobago- Guyana – French Guiana – Suriname – Venezuela – Colombia) must have Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate.

• All Passengers arriving in Egypt from (Pakistan – Afghanistan –Somalia- Nigeria -Niger -Malaysia – Philippines – China- Myanmar – the Democratic Republic of the Congo – Kenya -Chad – Cote d’Ivoire – Angola – central republic of Africa – Ethiopia – Ghana – Togo – Zambia -Benin – Burkina Faso – Cameroon) must own Poliomyelitis Vaccination Certificate.


• All passengers travelling to Egypt must possess a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before the departure time of the last direct flight to Egypt.

• Passengers travelling from (Japan / China / Thailand / North America / South America / Canada / London (Heathrow) /Rome / Paris / Frankfurt / New Zealand / Australia/South Korea) PCR test will be 96 hours before departure time.

•  All Children below 6 years old are exempted from the PCR test.

• Transit Passengers (who are not entitled to Hotel Accommodation and staying at Cairo Airport till their onward Flight) don’t require a PCR Test upon Arrival.

• Transit Passengers (who are entitled to Hotel Accommodation and will not be staying at Cairo Airport till their Onward Flight) must possess a Negative PCR Test even if their Final Destination doesn’t require a Negative PCR Test.

• The minister of foreign affairs will coordinate with the concerned authorities regarding the procedures for PCR tests and precautionary measures planned to be implemented for the members of diplomatic missions coming from abroad after the end of their work period.

• The submitted PCR certificate will be accepted if it meets these requirements:

• It includes the hour and the date of sampling, which is the date on which the 72 hours will be counted.  

•Issued by an authorized accredited laboratory and stamped with the laboratory’s stamp OR with a QR code “instead of the laboratory stamp” and does not contain scraping, cancellation, or addition.

•Indicating the type of sample taken for the swab.

•Indicating that the type of test is (RT – PCR). 

•Certificate is accepted in Arabic or English language.

•The RT-PCR certificate must be an original paper certificate (Copy is not allowed).

•International Passengers (who are travelling directly)  to (Sharm el Sheikh / Taba / Hurghada / Marsa Alam) airports who failed to submit a valid PCR test (72 hours before flight departure time), shall undergo the PCR test upon arrival to those airports with a charge of 30 USD. “Those passengers will be isolated in their hotels till the PCR test result is received and “In case the PCR is positive, passengers will be self-isolated in his / her room at the hotel and to coordinate with the Egyptian Ministry of health”.

•Passengers who are already vaccinated by one dose or two doses of COVID 19 vaccine must hold a valid PCR test.

•(ID Now / PCR-NAA/ Antigen/IGg-IGm) tests are NOT acceptable by Egyptian authorities.

•Passengers arriving from Cameroon ONLY can present a copy / electronic PCR certificate.

•PCR test certificate EXPIRES as soon as the passenger used it to travel outside Egypt (as it can’t be used again to return)

•All Passengers arriving (direct / indirect) from (India / Bangladesh / Pakistan / Bhutan / Myanmar / Nepal / Sri Lanka / Brazil / Latin America) shall undergo an (ID now Covid-19 TEST) upon arrival (in addition to the PCR test Certificate which is required before arrival).

•Passengers arriving from India to Cairo via London are not accepted.

•In case the (ID now Covid-19 TEST) is positive and the passenger is not Egyptian, the passenger will be deported.

•In case the (ID now Covid-19 TEST) is positive and the passenger is Egyptian, he /she will be quarantined at a governmental hospital on his / her own cost. 


Passengers coming to Egypt will be followed up for 14 days by The Quarantine Authorities and Ministry of Health Offices

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