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Memorial Day Weekend- Cheap Flight Tickets

Memories are a treasure that we can keep with us forever. Memories made with our loved ones, of things we have done and of places we have been. What’s the best way to make memories you ask? My answer would be to travel! There are so many ways travelling affects our lives, whether it’s to get closer to someone or get away from the world itself. Travelling will widen your horizons and help you open your mind to new experiences. This Memorial Day weekend travel without having to drill a hole in your pocket.

When Is Memorial Day Weekend in 2020?

We celebrate Memorial Day in the memory of our past and present soldiers, it is formally known as Decoration Day, this special holiday observed yearly on the last Monday of May. All weekend long traditions of Memorial Day take place in cities throughout the United States. There are countless parades and festivities that you can be a part of to honour the forefathers of the nation. Join in the Memorial Day festivities in New York, Washington DC and Chicago where the largest parades in the United States are hosted.

If parades are not your style, the Memorial Day holiday weekend has lots to offer. As Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer, it’s the perfect chance to take a short break from your daily routine. Take a holiday and visit your family or go on a trip exploring new places.

Enjoy Memorial Day Weekend Trip with TravelGuzs

Did you know that Memorial Day is one of the biggest travel holidays in the USA? A lot of people take this long weekend holiday as an opportunity to go on a refreshing break. Memorial Day deals and offers only making it easier for everyone to travel.

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Lacking inspiration on places to go on Memorial Day? Here are a few things to do on Memorial Day Weekend 2020 trip, to make it truly memorable.

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

Is there a better way to enjoy New Orleans than with its festivities and celebrations? The people of New Orleans love to celebrate, that’s what gives the city its cheerful vibe.

As a part of the Memorial Day celebrations, the National World War II Museum displays outstanding exhibits along with an unforgettable performance by the Marine Corps quintet. The city also hosts a New Orleans Wine and Food Experience over the Memorial Day Weekend; it’s a foodie paradise combining the city’s delicious cuisine and fine wines. Even a walk around the French Quarter and the Garden District is enough to make your trip worth it.

Another great thing about New Orleans is that it’s a very pocket-friendly place. Low-cost accommodations are easy to find along with lots of affordable cafes and restaurants to enjoy the true New Orleans flavour. Don’t forget to stop by Café du Monde and grab one of their famous beignets.

2. Washington DC

There is no better place to celebrate Memorial Day than in the nation’s capital. Honour the ones who have served our nations this Memorial Day Weekend with one of the plenty of events celebrating Memorial Day. Your options include the National Memorial Day parade, countless museums commemorating the fallen soldiers, memorials at the Arlington cemetery and an annual Memorial Day concert.

Another perk of visiting during this time is that the hotel rates tend to drop quite a bit in May. The weather is also very pleasant and perfect to enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend festivities.

3. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

The scenic Cape Cod is a classic Memorial Day Holiday Weekend Getaway. Cape Cod offers a breath of fresh air with plenty of beautiful sandy beaches, picturesque lighthouses, hiking trails and many more activities. On the Memorial Day Weekend, Cape Cod hosts an annual Figawi Race Weekend, a yacht race taking place from Hyannis to Nantucket.

Catch the race, relaxing by the beach with a drink in your hand. Whatever your idea of a perfect weekend is, Cape Cod has got it. Take a swim, go fishing or bike around the town. Kick back and relax in Cape Cod this Memorial Day Weekend.

4. New York City, New York

If there’s one place where you can make the most of your Memorial Day, it’s New York! The Fleet Week allows visitors to tour the docked ships and meet active service men and women in the U.S. Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. You can also participate in the Brooklyn Memorial Day Parade with the veterans, the parade end with a special ceremony at John Paul Jones Park.

As the Memorial Day Weekend marks the start of summer a lot of New Yorkers go on holidays themselves, leaving the city much less crowded. This makes it easier for visitors to navigate through the city and enjoy their Memorial Day Weekend in the pleasant weather.

Take this Memorial Day weekend as an opportunity unwind and relax, a break from the daily grind. Don’t waste this long weekend holiday at home! Get out of town, enjoy time with friends, have an adventure, and most importantly remember those who fought for the nation.

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